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Our costs - Employment tribunal


Fees and disbursements

All debt recovery claims are unique and an individual quote will be given to you based on the complexities and of your dispute, usually they fall into the categories of simple, medium or high complexity.

Our fees will reflect the particular requirements of the dispute and we cannot give you a full estimate of the cost until we have more details about the dispute, but by way of example the average total fee incurred by employers or employees in bringing a claim before an Employment Tribunal is between £15,000 to £20,000 inclusive of VAT.

The fee can be less if other funding options available such as cover under a legal expenses insurance policy and/or Trade Union membership and these options will be discussed with you at your initial meeting.

Our dispute resolution team charge an hourly rate that range from £175 (trainee lawyers and paralegals plus VAT) to £255 plus VAT for an experienced and senior lawyer.

Depending on your case certain disbursements that are costs related to you matter payable to third parties may be needed such as company search fees, mediators and medical reports.

If your case is complex we may recommend that a Barrister be used for your representation before the Tribunal Hearing and this will be discussed with you and a fee quote obtained.

It is important to be aware that the costs are payable by you, whether you win or lose your case, as costs are not recoverable in a Tribunal.



Timescale will vary in each individual case.   The timescale depends largely on the stage at which your case is resolved.   By way of general example:

  • If your case is settled during the pre-claim conciliation part of the process your case is likely to take three months

  • If your claim proceeds to a Final Hearing, your case is likely to take twelve to eighteen months

  • These timescales are just estimates and a more accurate timescale will be given and reviewed as your case progresses.


The process will vary depending on your claim and the individual circumstances but generally the process would be:

  • Initial meeting with you, reviewing papers including contracts of employment and advising you on the merits and likely compensation that could be awarded

  • Sending a letter before action

  • Obtaining/reviewing any reports such as a medical report

  • Entering into the pre-claim conciliation process with ACAS which is a mandatory step that all employees have to explore whether a settlement can be reached prior being allowed to issue proceedings

  • Preparing claim or response

  • Reviewing and advising you

  • Exploring settlement and negotiating settlement through the process

  • Preparing for the preliminary Hearing including exchanging documents and agreeing documents for the court process, taking witness statements, drafting statements and advising you on these documents

  • Attending the preliminary Hearing and any conferences/ meeting with Barrister if required

  • Negotiating and drafting a form of Settlement Agreement

  • The process could be more complex if other factors have to be considered and managed such as:

    • Amending claims or providing further information

    • Your employer not having legal representation

    • Complex preliminary issues including disabilities or allegations of discrimination linked to the dismissal.


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