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Our costs - Debt recovery


Fees and disbursements

All debt recovery claims are unique and an individual quote will be given to you based on the complexities and size of your claim.

The range of fees will depend on how much you are seeking to recover but for example a debt recovery claim for £25,000 would usually fall within the range of £1,000 to £10,000 plus VAT and court fees, depending on the stage the claim settles.

We will always consider with you at the start of your claim and on an ongoing basis, a benefit analysis against the costs and the debt you are seeking to recover.

If you claim proceeds through the Court, court fees will be payable to make your application.  The court fees are based on a sliding scale and will increase depending on the amount you are seeking to recover.   By way of example the current court fee for a claim of £3,000 would currently be £205.00
In some cases further disbursements might apply in respect of carrying out searches (for which a fee will apply depending on the search).   You will be advised at your initial meeting if any such searches will be necessary and of the cost.

If the debtor seeks to avoid service of the court proceedings sometimes it may be necessary to employ a Process Server to carry out personal service.  This fee will depending on a number of factors but would usually be in the range of £120 to £250 plus VAT.


Timescale will vary in each individual case.  Factors which may affect time scale if court proceedings are issued can vary depending on the speed at which the court service processes your application.  Typically though a straightforward debt claim processed through the courts up to the stage of obtaining a County Court Judgment will be likely to take approximately 16 weeks.


The process will vary depending on your claim and the individual circumstances but generally the process would be:

  • Identifying the correct names of the parties to the contract and the debtor’s correct address

  • Identifying whether there is a valid claim and if we foresee any difficulties in pursuing the claim

  • Advising what level of fixed costs and fixed court fee would be applicable in your case and whether the fixed court costs may be recovered from the debtor

  • Sending a formal letter of claim in compliance with the Debt Protocol

  • If payment if not forthcoming from the debtor we can, if requested to do so, send a further chasing letter

  • If payment remains outstanding then moving on to the issue of court proceedings

  • Processing through the court process and if the debtor fails to attend the court proceedings applying for Judgment in Default

  • Applying for the County Court Judgment

  • If the debt is disputed/contested  through the court process and the debtor files a defence or defence and counterclaim, we will, after discussing the merits and analysing with you and providing a further benefit v costs analysis and review of applicable costs


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